Nirmalgram :-

Government of India has been promoting sanitation coverage campaign for better health and Quality life in rural India. Dr Sudha when she was president of Rotary club of Ahmednagar adopted a village “Pimpalgaon Landga” for complete sanitation. She motivated and mobilise the people to do the same. She has taken “Gramsabha” and explain all about this and passed resolution in Gramsabha. Sarpanch and other members of grampanchyat are motivated and also Dr Sudha visited home to home explain about proper sanitation and good health. With help of all villager the sanitation is completed. She gave many lectures about good hygiene and regular use of latrines for schools and anganwadi students and parents.

Dr Sudha motivated communities and panchayat Raj institutions for proper water and waste management At last Pimpalgaon Landga village is declare as Nirmalgram. All villagers and Gramsabha of Grampanchyat decided that Dr Sudha Kankaria has done dedicated work for same, So she should go to Delhi to receive this Award from Hon President Of India Abdulji Kalam sir in 4 May 2007.

Brand Ambassador of Swachha Bharat Abhiyan:-

In 2006, when Dr Sudhatai was the President of the Rotary Club Ahmednagar, she adopted the Pimpalgaon Landga village of Ahmednagar District. She made the village haulage free. So, former President Abdul Kalam rewarded Nirmalgram Award in 2007. She spread the message of cleanliness through her work. Many people and youngsters join her. She arranged many Gramsabhas and create awareness in people and educate them for same. Honourable collector gave responsibility as a Brand Ambassador of Swachha Bharat Abhiyan and for this she is giving her best.

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Drama on Swachha Bharat written by Dr Sudha Kankaria

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