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Oath spins magic for 'Save Girl Child' [Pune]

0 Comments | Times of India, The, Aug 26, 2008

PUNE: Using words that can inspire and make an impact, the 'Save Girl Child' movement, which began eight years ago, has gained momentum.

The oath, 'Mulaga vanshacha diva asel tar mulagi vanshachi panati aahe' (Like a boy, a girl child can too be the pillar of the family) now resonate the surroundings of around 2,500 villages, where the movement has inspired the village representatives to take the issue seriously and has succeeded in bringing about a positive change to save the girl child.

For the organisation, the oath is the first step towards the cause. Sudha Kankaria, who initiated the mission, said stressing only on advocacy can often be drab. But making people take an oath which has powerful words works wonder and leaves a lingering impact on an individual, said Kankaria, who drafted the oath on the lines of national oath two years ago.

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Gram panchayats of most of the villages have started using the oath at village meetings.

"Whenever we conduct a workshop at the village level, we make it a point to raise awareness about the oath to the village representatives such as sarpanch, gramsevaks, health officers, talathi and women of self-help groups active in that village," said Kankaria.

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