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Sex ratio – Community and Social Balance

On the earth the community and social balance is due to equality in male to female ratio. If this ratio is disturbed it will create many communal and social problems. Since last few decades the number of females are decreasing and now it has reached almost in danger zone. Boys are not getting girls for their marriage. Hence we have taken up this issue very seriously. We are working since last 25 years and it still takes 30-40 years to overcome this problem.


Implications of declining sex ratio

  1. Increase in violence against women and denial of basic rights to them.
  2. Increase in sex related crimes (rape, abduction, polyandry)
  3. Impacts health of women especially reproductive health of women who are forced to go in for repeated pregnancies and abortions
  4. Increase in sexual harassment of women and thereby increase in cases of RTI/STD, HIV/AIDS


Sex Ratio-A Global Scenario

  In several Asian countries, globalisation has facilitated easy import of new reproductive technologies leading to selective abortions of female foetuses. In India and China this phenomenon has reached an alarming proportion. Sex ratios in Europe, North America, Caribbean, Central Asia,  even the poorest region- sub Saharan Africa are favourable to women as these countries neither kill or neglect girls. Only in the South Asia the sex ratios are adverse for women. The lowest sex ratio is found in India. 


Some important reasons for worsening female to male ratio

                  We live in male dominating structure of the family. Globally females get secondary treatment as compared to males, which is even more pronounced in India. The tradition of Dowry is also there. Thus, girl child is looked upon as a burden to the family and also easy accessibility to technology for sex determination at affordable prices. Leads to imbalance in males to female sex ratio.

  1. Son preference - Sons, on the other hand, can inherit property, continue the family line, and play a vital role in important Hindu rituals. when investing on sons, say on education or business, the wealth  remains within the family itself, and also because of  Old age support
  2. Stigma attached to being unmarried girls
  3. Two Child norm imposed by certain state governments combined with strong son preference.

11 Point Action Plan to improve sex ratio -

      This problem is complex and complicated because of multiple issues attached to it. Hence there is no one single solution but required different perspectives in dealing this issue. We have designed an 11 point Action plan for finding solution by different four ways.

1)      Deal with mindsets 2) Enforce the Law 3)Appropriate policy measures for girls and women 4) Leverage civil society/community efforts.

11 poin action plans are very simple and acceptable actions, to become a part of everyday practice. These actions are incorporated in lifestyle and cultural system of society so that society will change at large

1)      Resolution in Village (Gramsabha) Meetings – Meetings of the leaders of the villages

2)      The study  and display of sex ratio in village – Zone Mapping

3)      One Rupee Magic Scheme for school students - Celebration of birth of girl child and felicitation of Girl

         Child’s parents

4)      Lakhopati Scheme in Villages

5)      Mass public awareness, education and workshops

6)      Renaming of Unwanted Girls  (Nakoshi)

7)      Youth campaign Participation of youth

8)      8th Oath / Vow in Mass Marriage

9)      ANC Tracking and Mass celebration of ANC mothers

10)    Enforce the Law & Govt. Scheme - PCPNDT Act etc.

11)    Common Oath


The resolution to welcome girl child should be pass in Gramsabha. And appropriate committee to be form for further action. Up till now more than 2000 grampanchyat participated in this project.

 The study and display of sex ratio in village – Zone Mapping 

       Zone                         Sex Ratio                                   Action Plan 
  Green Zone                   951 & above                           Goduli Village Award
  Yellow Zone                  900 to 950                                Monthly follow up
  Red Zone                      801 to 899                                Weekly follow up
  Double Red Zone           800 & below                             Everyday follow up


Celebration of birth of Girl Child

Indian families are usually reject the birth of girl child. They feel bad if girl child is born. To overcome this problem we started to promote the celebration the girl child in our family and community

 One Rupee Magic Scheme for school students

      If there is birth of girl child in family of any student, in this action plan the announcement is made in the school and all the fellow student contribute only one rupee (70 rupee = 1 Euro) Total sum amount gathered is utilized to  offer some cloths and sweets to baby girl child and her mother to celebrate the occasion.

      This action is help to change the mindset of student to welcome girl child and instill the culture otherwise in Indian family birth of the girl child is rejected.


 Lakhopati  Scheme in Villages & Colleges

      Female child is taken as a financial burden on the family because of her education and marriage expenses. To overcome this problem we started this scheme

      If there is birth of girl child in the family, in the village, we request villagers to contribute some amount of money so that collectively it will be 15,000/- rupees, which kept as a fix deposit in the bank for 20 yrs. So that after 20 yrs. the girl child will get one lakh rupees which will give her financial security and also this action will instill the cultural and ritual heritage too. We also take promise from the family members to say “no to dowry”

 Felicitation of the family having only Girl child

In India women's are blamed if they delivered only girl child and they are not invited for any family or social functions  to reverse that bad habit we are doing Felicitation of  the parents who had only girl child in their family

 Mass Public Education                                                               

 Actually Y chromosome is responsible for the birth of boy child but in India a big misunderstanding is there, They held responsible the mother for that and torturer her badly. We herewith promoting rightly correctly mass public education with chart of chromosomes

 Public Awareness, Education Workshop

            We are creating the mass public awareness through many public meetings, Indian festivals, drama, rallies, poster exhibition, signature Campinas involving every member of society, youth, females, school girls, doctors, NGO’s, government officers, ministers, MLA’s, media’s groups, universities, etc.

The Book

       “Stree Janmache Swagat Kara & Beti Nahi To Bahu Kahanse Laoge” books are published by our trust for mass public education. Message from Hon. President of India Pratibhatai Patil, great social worker Anna Hajare & also small dramas, poems, slogans, law and schemes, 11 point action plan are included in these books. 

Education Workshop

Education workshop promoting 11 project scheme for save girl child is being conducted for the sarpanch, NSS-NCC students, NGO’s, University workshops, Appropriate Authority, Gramsevak, media groups, IMA-Doctors, radiologist, sinologist, gynecologist, varies women’s forum and groups etc. 

Deal with mindset - Rituals and Education

  1. Women should be socialized from early childhood to consider themselves equal to men.. This would have a positive influence on future generations, as today’s girls would be tomorrow’s mothers, as well as, mothers-in-law.
  2. The problem has to be tackled through women’s education and empowerment including the right to property and land rights. 


Nakoshi – Unwanted girl renaming

      We have notice first in 2007 in Satara Dist. Of Maharashtra that the “Nakoshi” names are given the girls- That means “Unwanted”. The most probable reasons for that are becoming called “Nakusa/Nakoshi” is that they were the second, third or fourth girl child in that family and the parents wanted a boy. They give the name “Nakoshi”

      This Nakusa-Unwanted girl fills very bad, very depress, they had poor self-esteems, they think that my mom, dad, everybody in relation, even society called me unwanted then Why should alive? There is no hope in my life, slowly she grownup and get married, become pregnant in future that time this vicious cycle repeat again and again. To break this cycle. We started promoting the renaming of unwanted girls. 283 from Satara and 538 from other district from Maharashtra state renaming was very much successful. Even one lady Mayer of village (Sarpanch) named “Nakusa” was renaming as “Jayashree” in pune district. Only renaming is not enough but the education and financial and social security is also equally important. This project appreciated by Germany and California (USA). They have display the clips of this video in German Television in the show of Galileo Big Picture 


8th Oath / Vow in Mass Marriage

      In India seven steps are carried out in marriage ceremony by bride and bridegrooms.  These steps mean the promise or commitment for happy and healthy married life. In this we introduce one more step that’s the 8th oath/vow to welcome girl child in family. This is the commitments of new pair to welcome girl child. Up till now 6000 families are participated in this project.

      This concept is very much successful in society. Many mass marriage ceremonies are conducting this concept. This concept gives many many benefits. 1) No marriages below age of 19 (F)/21(M) yrs. 2) No dowry 3) No financial burden 4) Welcome girl child promise/ vow. 


Antenatal Care -ANC Tracking

ANC females are target group were direct action can be taken. With the help of the Anganwadi sisters, ANM, Asha health workers ANC tracking concepts is carried out. Every ANC female is register and counseling is done. Taking more precautions about the mother who has 1st girl child. 


Mass celebration of ANC mothers

      We started the “Mass celebration of ANC mothers” and prepare their mind to welcome girl child.

      We do proper detailed counseling with mother and other family member. Make them understand to say “no to sex determination and selective abortion” we offer them healthy food, Medicine, health support and   Education. 


Meetings and Workshops are organized to Enforce the Law & Govt. Scheme

  1. PCPNDT Act & MTP  Act        
  2. The law against domestic violence & dowry
  3. Law against the child marriage
  4. Free medical treatment & facility of healthy food for pregnant and lactating women
  5. The free education for girls up to 12th standard
  6. Violence  free village Award

The Law

  1. Maharashtra was first State to enact Maharashtra regulation of use of PNDT Act in 1987
  2. PNDT Act was passed in 1994
  3. Act was amended in 2003 to include Pre conception techniques (PCPNDT Act) 


The PNDT Amendment Act, 2002

  1. The Pre-natal Diagnostics Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Amendment Act, 2002 received the assent of the President of India on 17-1-2003.
  2. The Act provides “for the prohibition of sex selection, before or after conception, and for regulation of pre-natal diagnostic techniques for the purposes of detecting genetic abnormalities or metabolic disorders or sex-linked disorders and for the prevention of their misuse for sex determination leading to female foeticide and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto”
  3. Another important initiative that has been taken is against any institution or agency whose advertisement or displayed promotional poster or television serial is suggestive of any inviting gestures involving/supporting 

“Stop sex selection” movement

      With help of Indian medical association and other medical association We promoting stop sex selection movement in large scale and collaborate with appropriate authorities for effective implementations of PC-PNDT Act. 


Common Oath/ Pledge

      Oath brought the entire audience together in common purpose and conveys the message at large and they shall carry with them through their lives.

      We have wrote, created a “Oath” to save girl child. This oath is very much popular in society. Up till now (15 lacks) 1.5 millions of peoples are taken this oath. Every public function is followed by this mass oath, All element of society, NGO’s, college students, newly married couples, even the bride and bridegrooms, female groups, Mayer of Village (sarpanch) and doctors all are participating in this program. 



After lots of efforts the campaign made sufficient impact to increase number of female child. But it may take even more 30-40 yrs to restore the ratio

 Hon. President of India appreciated this Save Girl Child Mission Aug 2007.