8th Vow/ oath in marriages 

In India seven steps are carried out in marriage ceremony by bride and bridegrooms.  These steps mean the promise or commitment for happy and healthy married life. In this we introduce one more step that’s the 8th oath/vow to welcome girl child in family. This is the commitments of new pair to welcome girl child.

This concept is very much successful in society. Many mass marriage ceremonies are conducting this concept. This concept gives many benefits. 1) No marriages below age of 19 (F)/21(M) yrs. 2) No dowry 3) No financial burden 4) Welcome girl child promise/ vow.

Dr Sudhatai started new concept of taking 8th Vow of welcoming birth of girl child along with the tradition of taking 7th vow in Indian marriages.

“लेका एवढीच लेकही भारी, हाच संदेश घरोघरी 

आठवा फेरा घेऊया, स्री जन्माचे स्वागत करूया 

She made mantra for the 8th Vow/ Aathwa fera. In the introduction gathering of Bride -Bridegroom and parents she is spreading this thought very effectively. Up till now, almost 10500 couples took 8th vow in mass marriage ceremony. In this work Lokmangal Prthishtan Solapur contribute its major part. Health ministry of Rajastan has giving instructions for taking the 8th Vow/ Aathwa fera and Chief Minister of Hariyana has announced the grant amount for this 8th Vow.