1) Gramsabha Resolution

The resolution to welcome girl child should be pass in Gramsabha. And appropriate committee to be form for further action. Up till now more than 2000 grampanchyat participated in this project.

Dr Sudhatai has taken workshops in every Tehsil in Maharashtra. And also many parts of country. One Tehsil has more than 100 villages. She invited Sarpanch, Gramsevak, Talathi, Police Patil, Teacher, Chief of saving groups, Anganwadi Helper, Aashatai, Health workers, Representative of youngsters, Senior citizens because they had key roll in development. So the movement of “Stree Janmache Swagat Kara” was reach in each village. Resolution of welcome of birth of girl were passed through various organization and villages. Vansamiti of many villages are also involved. In many district, training and workshops were taken for Appropriate Authority. Nehru Yuva Kendra, Rotary, Lions, Bhartiya Jain Sanghtna, Doctors, medical association IMA-Doctors, radiologist, sinologist, gynecologist, varies women’s forum and groups etc.  To involve the young generation workshops were arranged for the NSS, NCC and for the college students on the University level, workshops were completed in Shivaji University Kolhapur, Savitribai Phule University Pune, Sant Gadgebaba Universiy Amravati, and others Dr Sudhatai has given guidelines in the workshop arranged for the respected judges.

Video Link Gramsabha : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/channels/show/3985146-gramsabha

Video Link Workshop : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/channels/show/4096906-workshop

2) Zone Mapping

Classification of villages according to sex ratio is this concept was introduced by Dr Sudhatai. This is classified as Green Zone, Yellow Zone, Red Zone, Double Red Zone. She created and implemented action plan according 

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   Sex Ration
   Action Plan 
  Green Zone
   951 & above 
   Goduli Village Award
  Yellow Zone
   900 to 950
   Monthly follow up
  Red Zone
   801 to 899
    Weekly follow up
  Double Red Zone
   800 & below
   Everyday follow up

3) Celebration of birth of girl child

              Indian families are usually reject the birth of girl child. They feel bad if girl child is born. To overcome this problem we started to promote the celebration the girl child in our family and community  

 One Rupee Magic Scheme for school students

      If there is birth of girl child in family of any student, in this action plan the announcement is made in the school and all the fellow student contribute only one rupee (70 rupee = 1 Euro) Total sum amount gathered is utilized to  offer some cloths and sweets to baby girl child and her mother to celebrate the occasion.

      This action is help to change the mindset of student to welcome girl child and instill the culture otherwise in Indian family birth of the girl child is rejected.

 Lakhopati  Scheme in Villages & Colleges

      Female child is taken as a financial burden on the family because of her education and marriage expenses. To overcome this problem we started this scheme

      If there is birth of girl child in the family, in the village, we request villagers to contribute some amount of money so that collectively it will be 15,000/- rupees, which kept as a fix deposit in the bank for 20 yrs. So that after 20 yrs. the girl child will get one lakh rupees which will give her financial security and also this action will instill the cultural and ritual heritage too. We also take promise from the family members to say “no to dowry”

4) Felicitation of the family having only girl child

In India women's are blamed if they delivered only girl child and they are not invited for any family or social functions to reverse that bad habit we are doing Felicitation of  the parents who had only girl child in their family

5) Mass Public Education / Health Education

  •  Mass Public Education                                                               

 Actually, Y chromosome is responsible for the birth of boy child but in India a big misunderstanding is there, They held responsible the mother for that and torturer her badly. We herewith promoting rightly correctly mass public education with chart of chromosomes.

  • Public Awareness, Education Workshop

We are creating the mass public awareness through many public meetings, Indian festivals, drama, rallies, poster exhibition, signature Campinas involving every member of society, youth, females, school girls, doctors, NGO’s, government officers, ministers, MLA’s, media’s groups, universities, etc

Dr Sudhatai put new concept of one-rupee magic scheme for the people involvement. Among that she started the scheme of Lakhopati. The need of rapid awakens of this scheme Dr Sudhatai started awareness in all Indian Festival like Ganesh Festival, Holi, Diwali, Navratri, etc. March from Tuljapur to Rahata in Navratri Festival, Shanti march and Ahinsa march in occurrence of Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagwan Mahavir Jayanti, “Loving bond of sister and brother” on Rakshabandhan, Akhand Harinam saptah, Bride- Bridegroom introduction gathering, Bhajni Mandal, Signature campaign with the help of Rotary “Chimukliche manogat” and distribution of VCD throughout the state. Thousands of women took of welcome of girl child birth on the occasion of Vatpornima. And gave the message to the Akhand Harinam Saptah, Ramkhata Saptah and in Tukram Maharaj Beej Mahostav at Shrikshtra Dehu, She involved the happy thoughts, SSY, Art of Living, Yog pranayam shibir, Shri Swami Samrth Seva Kendra, Brahmakumaris Spiritual University, Baba Mahraj Satarkar Yuva manch. Dowry system is the black spot of society. It is the need of making strong loving bond between daughter in law and mother in law. She fixed the role of welcoming female child birth through this message. Felicitation of the couple who has only girl child Dr Sudhatai reminding that society has to give more attention on the education, diet and independence of girl child. Poster Exhibition, Rallies, Signature Campaign, Radio and TV Talks, Articles in newspaper, Drama and Poems Presentation, One Rupee Magic Scheme etc create the mass awareness and public education in society at large. All Indian festivals are link with such awareness programmes.

Video Link Poster Presentation : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/15420446-poster-presentation-

Video Link Indian Festival : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/15069508-public-awarness-gauri-ganesh-festival

  • Book Writing:-

For the social awareness and people education, Dr Sudhatai wrote the books – स्री जन्माचे स्वागत करा मार्गदर्शिका, बेटी नही तो बहु कहांसे लाओगे ?, प्रिय गोडुलीस, स्री सुरक्षा . These books has message from President and acknowledgement of Anna Hajare and 3 plays - खुडू नको कळी आई, लक्ष्मी येई घरा, कलम ११ and many folk songs, Laws and their explanation, Women and child welfare schemes, Percentage of boy-girl tehsil wise of whole Maharashtra according to 0-6 age group, Slogans, 11 point action plan. 7th edition of books is published.

Books Link : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/books

  • 15 Minutes for Goduli Face book :-

To create rapid awareness in society it is important to do same active participation about save girl child every day at least 15 min. To appeal this concept Face Book “15 min for Goduli” is working

Link : https://www.facebook.com/15-minutes-for-Goduli-477598345735059/
  • Deal with mindset - Rituals and Education

Women should be socialized from early childhood to consider themselves equal to men.. This would have a positive influence on future generations, as today’s girls would be tomorrow’s mothers, as well as, mothers-in-law.

The problem has to be tackled through women’s education and empowerment including the right to property and land rights. 

6) Nakoshi - Renaming Unwanted Girls

 This is very creative and landmark project of Dr Sudha Kankaria We have notice first in 2007 in Satara Dist. Of Maharashtra that the “Nakoshi” names are given the girls- That means “Unwanted”. The most probable reasons for that are becoming called “Nakusa/Nakoshi” is that they were the second, third or fourth girl child in that family and the parents wanted a boy. They give the name “Nakoshi”

This Nakusa-Unwanted girl fills very bad, very depress, they had poor self-esteems, they think that my mom, dad, everybody in relation, even society called me unwanted then Why should alive? There is no hope in my life, slowly she grownup and get married, become pregnant in future that time this vicious cycle repeats again and again. To break this cycle. We started promoting the renaming of unwanted girls. 283 from Satara and 538 from other district from Maharashtra state renaming was very much successful. Even one lady Mayer of village (Sarpanch) named “Nakusa” was renaming as “Jayashree” in pune district. Only renaming is not enough but the education and financial and social security is also equally important. This project appreciated by Germany and California (USA). They have display the clips of this video in German Television in the show of Galileo Big Picture 

Link News Indian Express (Sarpanch) : http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/the-sarpanch-has-a-new-name/780421/

Nakoshi- Renaming of unwanted girls this task is started everywhere in Maharashtra. In Pune district there was a lady Sarpanch whose name was Nakoshi, but in presence of 1200 ladies Dr Sudhatai gave her name “Jayashri”. She renaming 283 girls in Satara district and this work is going on in other district also grampanchyat of Dhandarphal in Sangmner tehsil took resolution of “Nakoshi free Grampanchyat”. In Khandesh people called “Khatti” to unwanted girl child so Dr Sudhatai started there the project “Khattila Karuya Mithi” In Pune district there was a school girl named Fasibai, she was renamed as Aishwarya. Many NGO are coming forward to help in this project e.g. Swasiddha in Kolhapur etc.

Video Link of Satara Renaming of Unwanted Girls : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMgXy7pPECc

Video Link : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/channels/show/2667124-nakoshi-unwanted-girl-renaming

  • Story of Poor Neglected Baby There was a phone call from Press Reporter Mr Kakade from Shrigonda. He was giving me information, about a new born baby girl child, from very poor family she is alone in sugarcane farm. Because her mother is busy with cutting of sugarcane job. This is very heart touching story. I visited the place along with some citizen, counselling is done. Motivated mother to take rest herself, don’t go for job and take care of small new born baby girl child. We donated them grains and food enough for a month. This moment was very touching. Mother with full of tears in eyes says “
Thank You” and There only in sugarcane field we all celebrated the naming ceremony of new born baby name is given Sukanya.

Video Link: http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18796355-sukanya-namkaran-

7) Education workshops with the help of Universities

  •   Each Part of Society participated:-

Dr Sudhatai decided to make this movement very strong by involving every part of society. Woman’s, Youngsters (NSS & NCC students of college), senior citizens Volunteer Organisation, Woman saving groups, Anganwadi helpers, Public representatives, Journalist, Industrialists, Workers, warkeri, Sant, Sahitya Parishad, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Indian Jain organisation and Rotary, Lions, Health and education department of Maharashtra. She has linked all festivals with awareness programmes.

  • Work with Unisef & University :-

She gave guidance in the workshop arranged together by reputed organisation Unisef and Shivaji University Kolhapur. She made awareness in young generation in not only in Pune University but also in many Universities. She addressed to youngsters for male-female equality, No dowry and welcome of girl child birth. Many youngsters came forward for taking Aathva Fera / 8th Vow in marriage and positive response coming from them gives strength to these works.

News Link : http://maharashtratimes.indiatimes.com/maharashtra/kolhapur-western-maharashtra-news/kolhapur/kolhapur-shivaji-university-workshop/articleshowprint/56765361.cms

8) 8th Vow/ Oath in mass marriage 

 In India seven steps are carried out in marriage ceremony by bride and bridegrooms.  These steps mean the promise or commitment for happy and healthy married life. In this we introduce one more step that’s the 8th oath/vow to welcome girl child in family. This is the commitments of new pair to welcome girl child.

  This concept is very much successful in society. Many mass marriage ceremonies are conducting this concept. This concept gives many benefits. 1) No marriages below age of 19 (F)/21(M) yrs. 2) No dowry 3) No financial burden 4) Welcome girl child promise/ vow. 

Dr Sudhatai started new concept of taking 8th Vow of welcoming birth of girl child along with the tradition of taking 7th vow in Indian marriages.

“लेका एवढीच लेकही भारी, हाच संदेश घरोघरी 

आठवा फेरा घेऊया, स्री जन्माचे स्वागत करूया 

She made mantra for the 8th Vow/ Aathwa fera. In the introduction gathering of Bride -Bridegroom and parents she is spreading this thought very effectively. Up till now, almost 10500 couples took 8th vow in mass marriage ceremony. In this work Lokmangal Prthishtan Solapur contribute its major part. Health ministry of Rajastan has giving instructions for taking the 8th Vow/ Aathwa fera and Chief Minister of Hariyana has announced the grant amount for this 8th Vow.

9) Antenatal care- ANC Tracking- Mass Celebration of ANC mothers

  • Antenatal Care -ANC Tracking

ANC females are target group were direct action can be taken. With the help of the Anganwadi sisters, ANM, Asha health workers ANC tracking concepts is carried out. Every ANC female is register and counselling is done. Taking more precautions about the mother who has 1st girl child. 

  • Mass celebration of ANC mothers (सामुदायिक डोहाळजेवण )

We started the “Mass celebration of ANC mothers” and prepare their mind to welcome girl child.

We do proper detailed counseling with mother and other family member. Make them understand to say “no to sex determination and selective abortion” we offer them healthy food, Medicine, health support and   Education. From 2005 Dr Sudhatai started an effective project that is ANC Tracking. Means the registration of pregnant ladies and counselling them about girl child. She has trained Aanganwadi tai and Aashatai of Zilha Parishad for the same. Now a days registration of pregnant women becomes online.

Video Link : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/channels/show/4094449-anc-tracking-

10) Stop Sex selection

  •  The Law

She has been working in the for front towards promoting and disseminating awareness about social legislations like Prevention of Child Marriage Act, Anti Dowry Act, Prevention of Family Violence Act and PCPNDT Act etc. Law has been strict for the sex determination and Selective abortions. Dr Sudha is conducting many workshops for IMA Doctors, Gynaecologist, Sonologist, Police Department and others and it is very important that society should be gave supported for these Laws. Dr Sudhatai doing the awareness about anti child marriage act, anti-dowry act, PCPNDT act, and spread the toll free no 18002334475 of government. Many medical association participations is these conducted many workshops for them.

Video Link : 1) http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/16404117-rall-and-workshop-of-obgy

2) Video Link Police Patil : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/16043568-tantamukta-committy-police-patil-workshop

  • The PNDT Amendment Act, 2002

The Pre-Natal Diagnostics Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Amendment Act, 2002 received the assent of the President of India on 17-1-2003.

The Act provides “for the prohibition of sex selection, before or after conception, and for regulation of pre-natal diagnostic techniques for the purposes of detecting genetic abnormalities or metabolic disorders or sex-linked disorders and for the prevention of their misuse for sex determination leading to female foeticide and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto”

Another important initiative that has been taken is against any institution or agency whose advertisement or displayed promotional poster or television serial is suggestive of any inviting gestures involving/supporting 

“Stop sex selection” movement

      With help of Indian medical association and other medical association We are promoting stop sex selection movement in large scale and collaborate with appropriate authorities for effective implementations of PC-PNDT Act. 


  • The law against domestic violence & dowry
  • Law against the child marriage
  • Free medical treatment & facility of healthy food for pregnant and lactating women
  • The free education for girls up to 12th standard
  • Violence free village Award 
  • Maharashtra was first State to enact Maharashtra regulation of use of PNDT Act in 1987
  • PNDT Act was passed in 1994
  • Act was amended in 2003 to include Pre-conception techniques (PCPNDT Act) 

11) Common Oath/ Pledge

 Oath brought the entire audience together in common purpose and conveys the message at large and they shall carry with them through their lives.  We have written, created a “Oath” to save girl child. This oath is very much popular in society. Up till now (15 lacks) 1.5 million of peoples are taken this oath. Every public function is followed by this mass oath, all element of society, NGO’s, college students, newly married couples, even the bride and bridegrooms, female groups, Mayer of Village (sarpanch) and doctors all are participating in this program. 

  • Historical Incident :-

Through the workshop and awareness programmes Dr Sudhatai gave collective common oath to more than 20 lakh of people and requested to Grampanchyat and NGOs to take oath in all their Gramsabhas and meetings . It has got very good response, the Gramsabhas and NGOs throughout the state took the collective common oath on Independence Day. Taking a collective common oath at the same day throughout Maharashtra creates the new history and also creates the mass collective consciousness about save girl child.

  *  Meditation

  *  15 minutes for Goduli

  *  He & She Together

Video Link : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/channels/show/4096908-shapth-oath