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Dr Sudha Kankaria 

   A woman with a social cause Dr Sudha Kankaria, is a famous name in Maharashtra, not only as a medical doctor but as women for the mission of save girl child in India. She is the pioneer of National Movement Beti Bachav i.e. Save Girl Child movement in India. She started this movement 30 years back. She has won millions of hearts all over the nation and world for her nation building work for social health in India.

Indian society is still biased against girl child who is treated with disrespect and even prevented from arriving in this world.  Female feticide is very big problem in India. A preference of boys led to a rise in the abortion of female feticide, as well as neglect the baby girls.

To overcome this big problem Dr. Sudha has develop the many new concepts like Gramsabha resolutions, Fix deposit, some rupees amount for new born baby girl. One Rupee Magic schemes, Facilitation of the parents of baby girl child, Renaming of the unwanted girls Nakoshi, Health Education for all, 8th Oath vow by bride bridegroom in mass marriage ceremonies, ANC tracking project, Awareness about STOP sex selection and selective abortion and the mass oath concepts in society.

She created 11point action plan, Aathwa Fera Stree Janmachya Swagtacha, 8th Vow for welcome girl child, similarly Nakoshi la karuya Havishi, Renaming of Unwanted girls. With this she made new rules for society. Till today more than 1000 Nakoshi became Havishi and more than 10 thousand couples took the Aathva Fera 8th Vow in mass marriage ceremony. Throughout the country this movement got a good response. Rajasthan Health Ministry gave instruction about 8th Vow during marriages, Hariyana Chief Minister granted help for same.

Dr Sudhatai accommodated more than 20 lakhs peoples in this movement through the collective common oath. Taking a collective common oath at the same time on the occasion of Independence Day creates the new history.

Thousands of Resolution has been passed by Many Gramsabhas, Credit co-operative societies, Colleges and Schools Ladies Club, Saving groups, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Corporations, Sugar Factories, Rotary club, Lions Club, Sakhimanch and many other organisation participated and passed the resolution.

Taking all the Universities together she created awareness among the young generation. For social awakening and people education Dr Sudhatai wrote books Stree Janmache Swagat Kara Margdarshika, Beti Nahi To Bahu Kahanse Laoge, Priya Godulis, Stree Surksha etc.

She worked as member of PCPNDT National Inspection Monitoring Committee and PCPNDT state advisory committee of state government. She is the brand ambassador of Swacha Bharat Abhiyan.

From 2005 Dr Sudhatai started an effective project that is ANC Tracking. Means the registration of pregnant ladies and counselling them about girl child. She has trained Aanganwadi tai and Aashatai of Zilha Parishad for the same. Now a days registration of pregnant women becomes online.

Dr Sudhatai decided to make this movement very strong by involving every part of society Doctors, Womans, Youngsters, NSS and NCC student of college, Volunteer Organisation, Woman saving groups, Anganwadi helpers, Public representatives, Journalist, Industrialists, Workers, Health and education department, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Indian Jain organisation and Rotary, Lions, Warkari.

She gave guidance in the workshop arranged together by reputed organisation UNICEF and Shivaji University Kolhapur. She made awareness in young generation in not only in Pune University but also in many Universities. She addressed to youngsters for that male female equality, No dowry and welcome of girl child birth. Many youngsters came forward for taking Aathva Fera 8th Vow in marriage.

Poster Exhibition, Rallies, Signature Campaign, Radio and TV Talks, Articles in newspaper, Drama and Poems Presentation, One Rupee Magic Scheme etc create the mass awareness and public education in society at large. All Indian festivals are link with such awareness programmes.

Renaming of unwanted girl project is well appreciated every were and abroad also. Print and electronic media of abroad publish this work. German Television had appreciated her work and Radio channel of California took her interview. Two presidents praised her work. In 2007 Nirmalgram award by President Dr Abdul Kalam and in 2008 President Pratibhatai Patil praised her work about save girl child. International council held in Europe invited her for Penolope Gandhi Conference and University of Mountain felicitated her. Savitribai Phule University Pune Pratibhatai Patil gave her Jivansadhana Gaurav Award for the same.


 Dr. Sudha’s work in various fields has attracted the attention of academic world in India and abroad, from common man to international forums and associations of medical professional. She is recognized and appreciated for her work with awards and position in the hearts of the masses. A glance at her work of more than 30 years and rain of awards more than 130 shows how relentlessly she has devoted herself for the cause of girl child and women’s rights towards healthy society.

  • State:-

Government of Maharashtra felicitated Dr Sudha for her Save Girl Child mission with hands of Health Minister Dr Vimaltai Mundada on 11 July 2008 in Pune, Government of Maharashtra honours for Eye Donation movement with hands of Health Minister Vimaltai Mundada on 11th June 2008 in Mumbai, Punyashlok Ahilyabai Holakar award by Maharashtra government, Presidents special award by Indian Medical Association, The Human Resources and Development Institution Nagpur has offered her Manavata Bhushan Puraskar on 12 June 2011, Vidhyak Karykarti Award given by Anti dowry organisation Mumbai, Sahyadri Navratna  Hirakani Puraskar by DD Sahydri Wahini, Karbharani Achievement by Sakal newspaper, Samaj Bhushan Award by Marathi Vrutya Lekhak Sangh Maharashtra Mumbai, Tararani Kasturi Sanman by corporation Kolhapur and Kasturi club Pudhari, Unch Maza Zoka award by Zee Marathi, Strishakti award by Dainik Navbharat, Lokmat Icon award, Samata Gaurav Award by Kiran Bedi from Navkiran Navjyoti Foundation Delhi, For Indian Classical Dance, Drama Nrtya-Tilaka Award, Bramhi-Sundari Award with the hands of Film artist Jayaprada. Bhagini Gaurav Puraskar, Gaurav Maharashtra Award, Swanand Samaj Bhushan Award, Dr Mebal Arole award, Adhyakavi Maharshi Valmiki Award, Alka Joshi Mahila Purskar, President of Women Literature conference, Suryadutta Excellence Award, Smt Kalantriakka Award, SamajBhushan Purskar, Kasturiratna Award, Savitribai Phule Award, Ramabai Ambedkar Award, Ahinsa Award, Girna Gaurav award, Mauli Anandi Award, Shikhar Sanman, Adv. Minakshidevi Jaiswal Gaurav Award, Outstanding young Personality Award by Jesis International.

His Highness, President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam awarded her with Nirmal gram award for her rural development work on May 4, 2007. Her Highness President of India Smt Pratibhatai Patil specially appreciated her work for the movement Save Girl Child in 2008. She was awarded Jeevan Sadhna Gourav award by the Savitribhai Phule Pune University at the hands of former President of India, Smt. Pratibhatai Patil in Pune in 2016. National award of Shiromani at the hands of Pandit Jasraj, Vishva Ratan award at the hands of renowned scientist Dr. Vijay Bhatkar. National Polio Plus certificate by National Polio Plus Committee Rotary International.

Video Link Awards: http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/channels/show/4094447-awards

Photo Link Awards: http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=11228267

  • International :-

She was Guest of Honour at the University of Mountains in Europe at Penelope Gandhi Conference, and was felicitated as Woman of Excellence for her contribution to the movement of Save girl child in India by Director of UNESCO Ms Eleni Glikatzi Alrweiler. This occasion was graced by the presence of Father of LASIK surgery Prof Ioannis Pallikaris and Mrs Barbara Terzarki Pallikaris who was convener of the conference which was held in Greece. Video Introduction Link : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/17315263-introduction-english-dr-sudha-kankaria

During her tour of Europe, she was resource person on Science and Silence in Universities and colleges and gave demonstration on yoga and meditation.

The German Television and California Radio and Create Television and Daily TANEA newspaper in Greece also televised and broadcasted her interviews on the subject of Save Girl Child. http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/TA%20NIA%20Greek%20interview%20dr%20sudha%20kankaria.pdf

Dr. Sudha Kankaria presented a research paper at an International Conference on Spirituality and Social Service organized by Center for Study in Rural Development, Institute of Social Work Ahmednagar, which was highly appreciated.

         The work about Renaming of Unwanted Girl Nakoshi is appreciated by print media abroad.               

Nirmalgram - Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Government of India has been promoting sanitation coverage campaign for better health and Quality life in rural India. Dr Sudha when she was president of Rotary club of Ahmednagar adopted a village “Pimpalgaon Landga” for complete sanitation. She motivated and mobilise the people to do the same. She has taken “Gramsabha” and explain all about this and passed resolution in Gramsabha. Sarpanch and other members of grampanchyat are motivated and also Dr Sudha visited home to home explain about proper sanitation and good health. With help of all villager the sanitation is completed. She gave many lectures about good hygiene and regular use of latrines for schools and anganwadi students and parents.

Dr Sudha motivated communities and panchayat Raj institutions for proper water and waste management At last Pimpalgaon Landga village is declare as Nirmalgram. All villagers and Gramsabha of Grampanchyat decided that Dr Sudha Kankaria has done dedicated work for same, So she should go to Delhi to receive this Award from Hon President Of India Abdulji Kalam sir in 4 May 2007.

Brand Ambassador of Swachha Bharat Abhiyan:-

In 2006, when Dr Sudhatai was the President of the Rotary Club Ahmednagar, she adopted the Pimpalgaon Landga village of Ahmednagar District. She made the village haulage free. So, former President Abdul Kalam rewarded Nirmalgram Award in 2007. She spread the message of cleanliness through her work. Many people and youngsters join her. She arranged many Gramsabhas and create awareness in people and educate them for same. Honourable collector gave responsibility as a Brand Ambassador of Swachha Bharat Abhiyan and for this she is giving her best.

Video link : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/channels/show/4225581-swch-bharat-abhiyan

Women Security - Swasiddha - Surksha - Aarogya

She has created self defence project स्वसिद्धा  Swasiddha for girls and women’s and to thousands of ladies group are benefited. Including handicap and Blind girls also.

  • After that government took inspiration from this project and now days there is a स्वयंसिद्धा project in ZP schools.
  • She has written very important article series on स्त्री सुरक्षा  in newspaper, collective article book stree sureksha is now available for school girls.

Video Link : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/channels/show/4160834-swsiddha-self-defence

Polio Free India

Dr Sudha is working the chairman of Pulse Polio commity she work for Rotary and Inner wheel. She has written book “दोन थेंब अमृताचे ” for public education and awareness. She is working more than 10 years in this field and her work is appriciated by Rotary international.

Video link : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/channels/show/4160822-polio

Eye Donation

Sai Surya Netra Seva is working in the field of removing blindness as well as working about public awareness of Eye Donation through Mankanhaiya Eye Bank. Special Award from Maharashtra Government by Health Minister on 10th June 2008. She is the pioneer of Sai Surya Netra Seva’s World’s first Third Eye Clinic in Eye Hospital.

Video Eye Donation : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/channels/show/4100557-netrdan-eye-donation


Maharashtra Government has awarded Vanshree Award to Saiban which is located on barren land. Thousands of people are getting benefits of Saiban Meditation Tekdi and yield of farming based on music that is emídV ¶m¡{JH$ IoVr, Director of Sinchan Parishad, working for Pani Adva Pani Jirwa, Jalsandharan Project, Pani Manch Activity, Environmental protection.

Video Link : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18876431-yogik-kheti-at-saiban-ahmednagar

World’s First Third Eye Clinic in Eye Hospital

The honour of starting world’s first Third Eye Clinic in eye hospital goes to Dr Sudhatai. Every person is a Human Being and is made up of body and spiritual energy. The energy which handle our body is called Spiritual power, life energy. It works through mind-Intellect & Sanskars. This power is called “Soul” in spiritual language and third eye in medical language. 90% diseases are psychosomatic. Weak mind leads to disease. Empowerment of mind has positive effect on health, wealth and happiness. Empowerment of mind, and positive changes in manners/ behaviour are made through this clinic. Rijyoga meditation is key for that, They got the co-operation of Prajapita Brahmakumaris Spiritual University.

Video Link : http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/19007113-peace-news-on-28-feb-2017-world-s-first-third-eye-clinic-in-eye-hispital

Yoga and Meditation and Spirituality: -

Dr. Sudha kankaria has very effectively capitalized her links with the Spiritual world to spread her messages for empowerment of women, welcome and protection of girl child. She has received tremendous support from local units of Patanjali Yog Peeth, SSY, Art of Living, Shri Swami Samarth Seva Kendra, Brahmakumaris, Baba Maharaj Satarkar Yuva Manch, warkari sampradaya for the above cause.

During her tour of Europe, she was resource person on “Science and Silence” in Universities and colleges and gave demonstration on yoga and meditation, too.

Dr. Sudha Kankaria presented a research paper at an International Conference on “Spirituality and Social Service” organized by Center for Study in Rural Development, Institute of Social Work Ahmednagar, which was highly appreciated. The Work about “Renaming of unwanted girl” Nakoshi is appreciated by print media abroad.

Video Link Saiban Tekdi: http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/19019630-saiban-meditation-tekdi-14-dec-2016-peace-news

Video Link Saiban Main Madhuban: http://savegirlchilddrsudha.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/19019631-saiban-main-madhuban-peace-news-12-may-2017

  • Total 15 books written and edit:- Among these 4 of them are poem collection, Chairman of Maharashtra sahitya Parishad Ahmednagar branch since 5 years, similarly स्री जन्माचे स्वागत करा मार्गदर्शिका, बेटी नही तो बहू कहांसे लाओगे ?, प्रिय गोडुलीस, स्री सुरक्षा. Through these writing series she is awaking and educating people. Drushti this serial was broadcast through Aakashwani Ahmednagar. Also स्री जन्माचे स्वागत करा this articles was translated in Kannad language. The play/ Drama खुडू नको कळी आई  was broadcasted by Pune Aakashwani, the book प्रिय गोडुलीस  had a sequential reading on radio.
  • She had made a world record by giving a continuous Bharatnatyam performance from sunrise to sunset (12 hours) Dr Sudha is devoted Indian classical dancer Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi style. She has performed nonstop 12hrs dancing and creates a history in the world. She has awarded for this with “Nrtya-Tilaka” Award, and Bramhi-Sundari” Award with the hands of famous member of parliament Jayaprada. She conducts many workshops and competition to promote drama activity for school students “Kankaria Karandak” Dr. Sudha is also a writer and poet, she wrote around 15 books on various subjects she was president of Sahitya Parishad, and also she is poet. Her poems are very much famous in society. One of the poem on “Mother” is nominated for the Genius Book. Her book “ स्री जन्माचे स्वागत करा मार्गदर्शिका ” is very much famous and achieves many awards.

She is Organiser of Kankaria Karandak that is state level Balnatya competition.

  • Dr Sudha is tring to change the mindset of The prisoner also by interacting them through spiritual view. She had taken the classes of Karmayaoga and Meditation in Ahmednagar, Nashik, Dhule, Pune, etc. She has publish the poem collection of The prisoner special issue Morpis before 20 years
  •  All round Personality:- Playing the role as mother, wife, daughter and daughter in law, responsible doctor, devoted Social worker, soft hearted poetess. Spontaneous writer, Skillful classical dancer, good Researcher, Creating new rules which are useful for the society. Founder of Third eye clinic by keeping inter-relation between science and spirituality. She has created “Saiban Meditation Tekdi” she is the Promoter of use of meditation in farming शाश्वत यौगिक खेती , She is a Rajyogi follower by accepting the yogi life, She is 1st thinker about “ स्री जन्माचे स्वागत करा , बेटी बचाओ , Save Girl Child” movement in the world. Her life is full of High thinking and simple leaving.
  • Massage Through Own Behaviour :- Dr. Sudhatai celebrated her daughter in law’s doodle (Dohalejevan) with others. She invited her laws and other relatives for this programme. She taught the lessons on foetus, good manners and security for foetus. Also, she gave community common oath on “Stree Janmache Swagat kara” Among them five mother in laws celebrated this occasion merely and distributed sweets that is the success of this moment. Dr Sudhatai was also blessed with a grand girl child and shw lovingly called her as “Goduli” She had welcomed her with great joy. And she foxed 1 lakh rupees for 20 years in her account. And she rewarded Goduli Gav Purskar for 9 villages.