स्वागत स्त्री जन्माचे    

एकाच वेळेस २५ हजार पेक्षा जास्त व्यक्तींनी घेतली स्त्री जन्माच्या स्वागताची शपथ 

Dr Sudha Kankaria

               Dr Sudha is devoted social worker since 32 years. Female foeticide  is very big problem in India; it is very difficult to overcome this problem. A preference of boys led to a rise in the abortion of female foeticide, as well as neglect the baby girls. To overcome this big problem Dr Sudha has develop the many new concepts like Gramsabha resolutions, Fix deposit (some rupees amount) for new born baby girl, One Rupee Magic schemes, Facilitation of the parents of baby girl child, Renaming of the unwanted girls (Nakusa/Nakoshi Girls), Health Education for all, 8th Oath/vow by bride-bridegroom in mass marriage ceremonies, ANC tracking  project, Awareness about STOP sex selection and the mass oath concepts in society.Her save girl child mission is praised by Hon. President Prathibhatai Patil. 

1) Gramsabha - ग्रामसभा ठराव व अंमलबजावणी 

2) Zone Mapping - परिसर अभ्यास - बोर्ड 

3) Celebration of Birth of Girl Child - कन्याजन्म आनंद सोहळा - एक रुपयाची जादू योजना 

4) Felicitation of the family having only girl child - फक्त मुली असलेल्या परिवारांचा सन्मान 

5) Mass Public Education - मुलगीच आहे पणती - दोन्ही घरी उजेड देती 

6) Nakoshi - Renaming of Unwanted Girls - "नकोशी " करूया "हवीशी "

7) Involvement of youngsters - आचरणातून संस्कार व युवापिढीचा सहभाग 

8) 8th Vow / oath in mass marriage - आठवा फेरा स्त्री जन्माच्या स्वागताचा 

9) ANC Tracking - सामुदायिक डोहाळ जेवण 

10) Stop Sex selection - सोनोग्राफी मशीन शाप की वरदान ?

11) Common Oath - सामुहिक शपथ 

     a) Meditation

     b) 15 minutes for Goduli 

Dr Sudha Kankaria

Pioneer - Save Girl Child Beti Bachao mission
Mankanhaiya Public Charitable Trust
Sai Surya Netra Seva 
Manik Chowk Ahmednagar 414001
Maharashtra India
Phone 02412341417
Email : [email protected]


Dr Sudha Kankaria Sai Surya Netra Seva Manik Chowk Ahmednagar 414001 Maharashtra